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Matt Perdeck

Senior Developer / Application Architect

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Loves creating reliable, maintainable and performant software based solutions to real world problems.

Has over 9 years experience architecting and developing .NET solutions, and many more years before that on other technologies. Worked on a wide range of systems, from the largest ATM network in The Netherlands to embedded software in advanced Wide Area Networks and the largest ticketing web site in Australia. Lived and worked in Australia, The Netherlands, Denmark, Slovakia and Thailand.

Building good software involves more than writing lines of code. Familiar with principles such as SOLID, Clean Code and the issue of technical debt.

Won several call outs and awards for performance. Won article of the month second price twice on the CodeProject, which has over 11 milion members.

Currently lives in Sydney, Australia. Recently worked at Readify and the global professional services company PwC. Now works at SP Health, a global provider of weight loss web sites such at CSIRO's TotalWellBeingDiet.com and BiggestLoserClub.com.

Technical Skills

Back end: .Net 4.5, C# 5, VB, MVC 5, Entity Framework , SQL Server 2012, Web API 2, PowerShell, Neo4j, AWS (EC2, RDS, Route53, ELB);

Front end: JavaScript, jQuery, TypeScript, AngularJs, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML5, Knockout;

Tools: Visual Studio, PowerShell, MSBuild, GIT, some TFS.

Outside work

Wrote book ASP.NET Performance Secrets, published by Packt Publishing, available at Amazon and other online book stores.

Published over 30 articles, with topics ranging from MSBuild to IIS compression, RequireJS and AWS Cloudformation.

Created 5 open source projects, including LINQtoCSV (39,000+ downloads, 4 contributors), JSNLog (11,000+ downloads, client side logging package for .Net and Node.js), and a fast rectangle packing algorithm for building CSS sprites.


Book: ASP.NET Site Performance Secrets

ASP.NET Site Performance Secrets

By Matt Perdeck

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About Matt Perdeck

Matt Perdeck PresentingMatt has written extensively on .Net and client side software development.

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